How to Unroot Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge with Stock Firmware!

If you ever screw up your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge while rooting or installing custom ROMs, there’s an easy way to “unroot” and re-install stock firmware your phone came with.

There are situations where this can come in handy such as if you are going to re-sell it on eBay, return the phone for warranty, or want to simply update to the latest stock firmware on a rooted phone.


Step 1. Go to Settings->About device and check the model number of your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and take a note of it, write it down somewhere.


Step 2. Power off your phone then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds until you see a warning screen like below:


Step 3. Hit Volume Up key to put it into ODIN download mode then connect a micro-USB cable from your phone to your Windows computer.  We highly recommend you to use Windows but if you don’t have one/can’t borrow one, you can run Windows on top of VMWare instead.


Step 4. Download ODIN, Samsung USB Drivers, and firmware model for your S7 or S7 Edge.



Download ODIN

Download Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Drivers for Windows

Download stock firmware for Galaxy S7


Download stock firmware for Galaxy S7 Edge

Unzip both the ODIN and stock firmware zip files.

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32 Responses

  1. jay says:

    my unrooting is failing odin keeps saying failed

    • Shad says:

      you need to modify the file that you donwloaded by erasing the (MD5) part of it. then it will work

      • Shad says:

        I take that back. That’s only with certain roms. keep the md5 on this and just make sure that you use the most updated odin and download the correct firmware files (Sammobile is the best site)

  2. hellfireblitz says:

    I’m having the same problem. Unrooting is ending in a fail.

  3. Dan Shoemaker says:

    Mine got stuck at the very end on PERSIST… Then I got the “Odin has stopped working” message. I waited for an additional 10 mins, closed every other app on my computer, hoping it would resume. It did not not. I finally hit the close button on the notification. Not sure what to do now. The phone is still in Download mode, with “downloading… Do not turn off target” displayed.

    Max… Where are you??? LOL

  4. Dan says:

    I was able to get it unrooted, but I have just as much lag as I did before when it was rooted.

    IMO, I think you should take this tutorial down until a more stable solution is found.

  5. John says:

    hi can you help to fix my s edge im stock on the twrp logo what should i do?
    thanks in advance

  6. Paul says:

    My phone is getting stuck on meta-data/! I have let it run forever without any luck! My phone is stuck in the download mode!

  7. jose says:

    Galaxy S7 Stock firmware page is broken or missing. There are no firmwares that are displayed on the page that follows the link.

  8. Geralyn says:

    I need help I rooted my galaxy s7. I have no clue what I’m doing. Desperately want it off.

  9. David Chapple says:

    When trying to download a galaxy stock rom I get to a page of google adds which (apparently) only allows me to download some unwanted rubbish. How do I advance from this page to actually download the software I actually want?

    Its a shame that good sites like this one are full of (to me) unwanted adverts. It make using the site like visiting Hampton Court maze.

  10. Ze says:

    I tried to perform the unrrot as mentioned, but I could not. When checking I have the indication of warranty void 1. I can not access samsung applications, someone knows how to solve the problem

  11. FirstJacquie says:

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  12. Paul Newcomb says:

    After unrooting Samsung Pay does NOT work!! This does NOT bring your phone back to factory settings. It gives an error message about the device having been customized, and it will not let you open it. Not cool……really would have been good to know about this…

    • TikeLeSpike says:

      That’s because the Knox-Counter has been triggered during root process. You can’t reset that in any way except like physically taking your phone apart and replacing that part, because it’s a physical so called eFuse. I’m sorry, there is no going back this far.

  13. Morgan says:

    where is the Samsung Galaxy S7 firmware page , it says its missing ?

  14. migo says:

    My warranty is still void. How to unroot and get back my warranty 0x0.

  15. diablo says:

    s7 firmware kink is broken error 404

  16. Stein Johansen says:

    My phone lost all data on internal storage. What the fuck happend?

  17. Heeelp5 says:

    i’d love to see S7 Verzion firmware…im an idiot for not backing up/and rooting da phone…

  18. Joshua says:

    I don’t really see the value in rooting a phone because i personally don’t need whatever benefits there are. I’m just a regular user, but I have been hearing about rooting for so long that I finally decided to give it a try using the methods I found here. Suffice to say, after about an hour of learning how to do this via the steps, and some minor troubleshooting, I successfully rooted – for the first time – my S7 replacement phone for my S6.

    I came here because I wanted to get the files and the steps necessary to unroot my phone back to factory, but I note that the stock firmware for the S7 download link is a 404. I was wondering if you could please update the url, or post a new download link for the firmware please and thank you?

    Anyhow, thanks for the tutorials on how to root. It helped a guy like me get it done without too much hassles.


    • Joshua says:

      Never mind… the link on this page is broken, but the Main Menu Link appears to be operational!

      Now the only issue is that all the stock firmware are for models other than mine: SM-G930W8

      Can you please add my model’s firmware please?

      • Stefan says:

        Joshua i just unrooted my SM-G930W8, unfortunatly the stock firmware website i used is . Its a 2.1 gb download that you unzip.
        setup and run odin like normal, in each selectable block such as BL, AP, CP and CSC you choose the file that starts with those Characters and make sure u click the little checkbox area beside each, once you have selected all 4 files (BTW there are 2 CSC files in the firmload zip i chose the one that wasn’t HOME_CSC)

  19. wajira says:

    I have unrooted my SM-G930FD with stock firmware for s7. Phone is working but I can’t use samsung pass and samsung health app also. When I opening them they says can’t open app because of anew security policy, samsung health can’t opened on a rooted device.(0*110050null5f3130)

  20. Hoat Vu says:

    For anyone using his method, try to get new odin and update to the newest samsung driver. Any files in his post is currently very and probably causes errors or fail.

  21. Waruna says:

    After unrooting my s health is not working.. it says samsung health is not working on rooted device.. how to fix this.. please help

  22. skip says:

    How do we get in touch with this friendly man. I want to ask him something. HHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPP

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