How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on Android 7.0 Nougat!

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to root your T-Mobile Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on latest Android 7.0 Nougat.  Now, this root method will not trip KNOX and will disable your Samsung Pay but it IS REVERSIBLE by simply unrooting with a stock firmware.

For this root method, you will need a Windows computer!

Step 1. Power off your phone then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together until you see a warning screen like below:

Step 2. Connect a micro-USB cable from your S7/S7 Edge to your computer.

Step 3. Download and extract all zip files.



Download ODIN zip


Download Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge USB driversDirect Download


Step 4. Run ODIN EXE file.

Step 5. If you have proper Windows drivers installed, you will see a blue highlighted box with a random COM number like shown below.  If you don’t see it, run the Samsung USB driver EXE file and install the drivers then unplug/re-plug the cable.

Choose “AP” then choose the appropriate file for either S7 or S7 Edge.

Step 6. Hit “Start” and when it is done flashing, your phone will reboot.

Step 7. Once rebooted, go to Settings->About device.

Step 8. Tap on “Software info”.

Step 9. Tap on “Build number” about 5 times until it says, “Developer mode has been turned on”.

Step 10. Hit the back button twice and you will see a new menu called “Developer options”, tap on that.

Step 11. Make sure both “OEM unlock” and “USB debugging” are checked ON.

Step 12. Connect a micro-USB cable again.

Step 13. Run “root.bat”!

When done, your phone will reboot automatically and you will see “custom” unlock sign.

Step 14. Once rebooted, run SuperSU app then select “Expert”.

Step 15. If it asks you to disable KNOX, hit “OK”.

Step 16. Verify you have full root by running Titanium Backup app.

If you see the a Superuser request window, congrats!  You have successfully rooted your S7 or S7 Edge!

Step 17. Because this root method involves an engineering bootloader(which is a test bootloader for developers), you need to set the CPU governor to “ondemand”.  Install Kernel Auditor app and open.

UPDATE: Kernel Auditor app causes LAG please uninstall (if you have installed it) and use TricksterMod app and set to “ondemand” instead.

Step 18. Set the CPU governor to “ondemand”.  You need to do this TWICE as there’s two of them!

Also set “Apply on boot” so the changes will take effect automatically on reboot.  This will get rid of any lag.


Q: How do I go back to stock and get Samsung Pay working again?
A: You can unroot using ODIN and stock firmware. 


Wondering why my Galaxy S7 Edge looks like a Galaxy S8?

Check out:

More cool Galaxy S8 stuff you can install:

Credits – XDA

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39 Responses

  1. aj song says:

    Will this method work for Sprint S7 Edge? Do you have any method to root S7 Edge?

  2. jay says:

    my root.bat isnt working . what should I do ? Unroot it and then retry?

  3. yobosaeyo says:

    Is there a certain version of busy box that needs to be installed for trickster? I installed the regular one (free) version and another one and when I run trickster it says busybox not installed. I was not seeing any lag with the other app but figured since you suggested it I would install it. And each time I click on install busybox from trickster the app closes.

  4. Dan says:

    Does this hide the root so we can still use Android Pay and other apps that check for root? Like the Magisk root does on the international phones?

    • yobosaeyo says:

      no it does not.

      • Dan says:

        That’s weird. I had my tmobile s7 edge rooted using the above method, and android pay was working – at least it wasn’t giving a “root found” error or anything like that.

        But, I ended up reinstalling the stock rom due the lag. I couldn’t ever get trickster and busybox working.

        The problem is now I have just as much lag as after I rooted it. It sucks.

        I really think Max should take this post down until they get a more stable root solution in place.

        • yobosaeyo says:

          I cannot get trickster working for anything, the lag on mine is not that bad so I am sticking with the kernel auditor app. I have another phone to root but am waiting until they can get this working properly as it’s for a teenager!
          I personally don’t use the Samsung apps but they definitely don’t want to open after rooting this way.

        • Atom1K says:

          I believe it is SAMSUNG pay specifically, not Google Wallet. Might have to do with disabling KNOX

  5. nguyen says:

    Followed the instruction but superSU app did not install at all!

  6. Marky says:

    I have a T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930T model), can someone advice me as to whether this method will work on it? It seems that the bootloader on my phone is locked, preventing me from performing a root operation.

  7. hotoniel says:

    Max I just received an update from the Play Store of Super Su v2.81 and to my surprise super su binaries were not installed. How can I solve that?
    please let me know ….ASAP 5/25/2017

  8. garicula marley says:

    It worked perfectly for me for anyone wondering, just took like 20 minutes ish. folloq the steps exactly tho

  9. Daniel says:

    Hi all. I have the s7 Edge sm-g935t and I would like to put a custom rom in, where the battery life would become better. Any recommendations? I would really appreciate it!

  10. Jimmy says:

    Max i cant get trickster mod to work.

  11. Andre says:

    hi, how to get rid of the hurricane cloud and LTE symbol on the status bar? I tried following this but failed miserably:

  12. Will says:

    There are files missing from the S7Root_Unroot_SU_2_79 download. Not sure if your instructions are outdated or if the files were removed but what you show in the instructions does not match what I’ve downloaded.

  13. Russ Y says:

    Note 5 site is down!
    Hey Max, can you take a look at the note 5 site? It doesn’t work? Thank you for all the good work bro!

  14. Josh says:

    for some reason it didn’t root my s7 (sm-g930t) from t-mobile. I got the SU app and the custom loader, but still not rooted

  15. Anonymous Hacker says:

    The site for the Samsung drivers was not letting me install due to a UNKNOWN cert.

    I suggest to use the official site

  16. Charles Stacker says:

    I used the tutorial on youtube.It pass when install the odin.Everything works except when I root.When I restart my phone the custom comes. up.Kingo root does not root my phone.Like to know what I’m doing wrong

  17. Alton says:


    I have tried this method on a TMO S& Edge and after the first inital flashing of the first step. The phone reboots to the Yellow Triangle and android laying down. Tried to hard reboot and goes into the same. To fix I had to just reflash the stock firmware again. I have not reattempted to try to root again. Any suggestions to why it was doing that?

  18. Cassandra gilbert says:

    after the root is successful it auto updates SuperSU and reboot option comes up and DELETES the root. can you update SuperSU please to latest version?

  19. PaulineX says:

    I have noticed that your website needs some fresh posts.

    Writing manually takes a lot of time, but there is tool for this boring
    task, search for: Wrastain’s tools for content

  20. Alex says:

    it doesn’t work when its flashing

  21. Định says:

    I root finished lost fingerprint sensor? please fix

  22. Eliot Hays says:

    Hi Max,
    Just wanted to let you know I tried getting my bootloader unlocked on my TMobile S7 Edge and of course they put it off on Samsung so being a risk taker, I tried your instructions and it worked first time with no errors and I am currently backing up the phone with Titanium Backup. Thank you for your time with what you do to get the job done with very high success rating. Your instructions have always worked for me!

  23. Cy says:

    Is this the correct Eng_boot tar file for the TM firmware ver. H7?

  24. scooter says:

    doesnt work sm-g930t

  25. BHAV says:

    i did this on g 935t and it installed supersu but when i open the app it says binary needs to be updated

  26. tin says:

    can’t not disable Knox , binary update fail. any suggestion . ?

  27. MShelby says:

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    It’s simple survey filling. Even $10 per survey (ten minutes duration).

    If you are interested, send me email to hans.orloski[at]

  28. mephistooo2 says:

    How to Root T-Mobile S7 Edge on Android 8.0 Oreo?

  29. J.C. says:

    So tried this. Now my phone is stuck on the Samsung Galaxy S7 logo screen. Great. Thanks for bricking my phone.

  30. Suzette Weis says:

    I did all this and its says custom but it is still locked to t-mobile. what do I do?

  31. yobosaeyo says:

    Max, How do I update to the latest android with this method of rooting?

  32. Felix says:

    Since rooting via this method, Phone boots 3 times before booting into home screen. Is there a fix for this?
    Thank you for your help! Everything else has been perfect!

  33. Sano says:

    Question, I need to root my Samsung S7 to recover deleted photos/videos (using Dr Fone to recover), will this tutorial help with my recovery? where do I stop? Im not looking to download or upgrade any apps/OS.

    and once I recover the files/videos how do I unroot the device (back to normal)?


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