How to Root Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on Android 7.0 Nougat w/ Magisk!

If you want to root your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on latest Android 7.0 Nougat, you will want to use the Magisk root method, which allows you to “hide” root from apps that check for SafetyNet such as Android Pay, Pokemon Go (or any Nintendo games on Play Store), and Snapchat.  This will allow you to seamlessly use all of your favorite rooted apps such as Titanium Backup app while allowing you to use apps that check for root.

Now, rooting your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge WILL PERMANENTLY DISABLE SAMSUNG PAY!  You have been warned!  However, with Magisk root, you will be able to use Android Pay instead.

This root method works on the following models ONLY:

  • International Galaxy S7 SM-G930F, SM-G930FD, SM-G930X
  • Canadian Galaxy S7 SM-G930W8
  • Chinese Galaxy S7 Qualcomm
  • International Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F, SM-G935FD, SM-G935X
  • Canadian Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935W8
  • Chinese Galaxy S7 Edge Qualcomm


Step 1. Under Settings->About device, check your “Model number” and make sure your model is one of the listed above.

Step 2. Go to Settings->About device->Software Info and make sure your “Android verison” is 7.0.

Step 3. Tap on “Build number” 5 times until it says, “Developer mode has been turned on”.

Step 4. Go back to Settings then tap on “Developer options”.

Step 5. If you see “OEM unlock” option, make sure it is ON.  If you don’t see it, you can skip this step.

Step 6. Download all the files you need including ODIN, Samsung USB drivers, Samsung AntiKit Removal Kit, Magisk ZIP, and TWRP for your model of S7 or S7 Edge.

Download Magisk and Samsung AntiRoot Removal Kit

Download ODIN and Samsung USB Drivers for S7/S7 Edge

Download TWRP

Unzip/extract all files for ODIN zip file.

Step 7. Copy over Magisk ZIP and Samsung AntiRoot Removal Kit to your S7 or S7 Edge.

Step 8. Power off your phone then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 6 seconds until you see warning screen like below:

Step 9. Hit Volume Up and connect a micro-USB cable from your phone to a Windows computer.

Step 10. Run the ODIN exe file in ODIN folder.

Step 11. You should see a box that’s colored in blue with a random COM number.

If you don’t see it, run the Samsung USB exe driver file to install proper drivers.

Step 12. Choose “AP” then choose the TWRP file you downloaded earlier.

Step 13. Hit “Start” and as soon as you see “RESET!”, hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 6 seconds and you will enter TWRP recovery.  If you miss this step, simply repeat until you get it.

Step 14. Swipe right.

Step 15. Choose “Install”.

Step 16. Choose the Magisk ZIP file.

Step 17. Choose “Add more Zips”.

Step 18. Choose the Samsung AntiRoot Removal Kit file.

Step 19. Swipe right to flash.

Step 20. Reboot system!

Step 21. Update Magisk Manager on Play Store after rebooting.

UPDATE: Google has removed Magisk Manager app from the Play Store, which you will need, just grab the Magisk Manager APK here and install it manually.

You can verify you have full root by running any rooted app such as Titanium Backup app.

Step 22. If you want to hide root from apps like Snapchat, Pokemon Go, and Android Pay, simply enable “Magisk Hide” in the Settings of Magisk Manager.  Also enable busybox as this is required for many rooted apps.

Step 23. Run SafetyNet check and you should now pass!  Congratulations, you can now run rooted apps and also apps that check for root!



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107 Responses

  1. mr1bug says:


  2. Avi Teperman says:

    I am having a problem with this root method and I hope you can help. I followed all the instructions and when installing the zip file with TWRP I see a message in red about could not mount /data partition. trying to reboot by clicking on “Reboot System” the phone remains in a loop showing “SANSUNG ” message which fades and return.

    Technical details: I have S7 Edge and installed the proper TWRP image for it. Otherwise I followed the instructions to the letter.

    Can you help in resolving this or pointing me to a method to recover my phone from its brick state?

    Thankd in advance – Avi

    • Azza says:

      Did you find a solution? Same issue here

    • Kvan says:

      same here, what do we do?

      • arman lyle gito says:

        Boot in twrp and format data. Thats what i did and evrything worked fine after

        • Martin says:

          yup format data worked for me as well… BIG THANKS!!!!

        • John Smith says:

          Right on. That’s what needs to be done. Max should have stressed that, if he’d overlooked this datail. It took me some time to figure this out on my own, but after formatting data on INTERNAL SD card, and following through, all is well.

        • John Doe says:

          THANKS ! Note that you will lose all your data. I had to format then re-copy Magisk and AntiRootRemoval to the TWRP folder.

    • Refat Ahmed says:

      same here.. it was too much pain.. these are asshole saying that this gona work on s7edge.. btw to help you guys… install stock firmware from sammobile via odin that is how i saved my phone..

      • John Smith says:

        Go to hell, corporate goon! Troll! Punk-assed sellout! You SUCK!!!

      • Bilal says:

        Same that happened with my phone and stayed bricked for 2 days than i searched for stock firmware and recoverd my phone, Thank God i had backed up my data so it recoverd but now i want to root it again so i can access to several apps do u know any other rooting method?

        • Majkel says:

          This method works.
          I had the problem that my S7 edge stayed on the samsung logo.
          I recovered the system by smart switch then backed up all the files and settings and then applied this method. Don’t forget to format data in twrp mode.
          After that recover data by smart switch..

    • Omar says:

      You will have to wipe your phone

    • ouarti says:

      i have foubd the solution !
      1 Wipe
      2 Advanced Wipe
      3 select data
      4 Repair or Change File System
      5 Change File System
      6 chose EX4 or EX2
      you will lose all your data …

    • Royal says:

      Goto Sammobiles n download a version of your mobile reinstall it using odin

  3. Azza says:

    I’m getting the same /data mount error

  4. Julian says:

    Hey if I update from 6.x to 7.x will I be able to downgrade back to 6.x if I wanted?

  5. MOBASHER says:

    I have SUPERSU root on my unlocked s7 edge international version.

    I get the first two green ticks but SafteyNet fails with CTS profile mismatch error.

    What should I do?

  6. Khaw S says:

    has anyone got success with this method?

  7. rob says:

    unable to install samsung drivers publisher has been blocked ???

  8. cid says:

    This method doesn’t work . Like everyone here, when I flash recovery, I can’t mount partitions, it’s like the sd card folder is empty.

  9. Kvan says:

    I got a CTS Profile Mismatch

  10. Richard says:

    I also got the error of mounting partitions – is there any solution ?!?!?

  11. Refat Ahmed says:

    does not work..cant mount partition..even if you format you can not see the files..moreover phone stuck in bootloop.. can not load the os.. there was no other way.. finally installing stock firmware from sammobile via odin just saved my phone..

    • John Smith says:

      Go to hell, corporate goon! Either you’re a troll, or a hopelessly incorrigible idiot who can’t work out technical challenges on his own. But misery (stupidity?) loves company, I suppose, since you’re so quick to encourage others to throw in the towel as well.

    • jamie says:

      1 Wipe
      2 Advanced Wipe
      3 select data
      4 Repair or Change File System
      5 Change File System
      6 chose EX4 or EX2
      you will lose all your data …
      i used ex2 and installed the magix folder into my twrp folder via laptop and that worked for me

  12. stkf10 says:

    Hi and how are u ?
    I just do all thing in this video and its work great thanks u … but I want to use Secure Folder not working can u help me for it

  13. Lynda says:

    June 2, 2011 at 7:38 ameta>H<a/her,I think we share almost the same sentiments. It was definitely a different vibe and it didn’t quite have the same energy, but it also had less attendees so that’s to be expected. But in some ways having less attendees actually made it easier to talk to people. In vegas I got pulled into so many side conversations that I didn’t get to spend as much time with people as I would have like to. In NYC, I got to spend plenty of time with people, so I loved that. Reply

  14. Oli says:

    Great – it works ;-))
    It was a bit tricky but finally all the obove mentioned problems can be solved.
    Bootloop => go into download mode (hold down Volume Down, Center Home and Power buttons ), then Vol.Up and imediately hold down Volume Up, Center Home and Power buttons together for about 6 seconds and you will enter TWRP recovery.
    SD Card => Files should be copied to sd Card. If SD Card is not recognized, wipe data with TWRP and reboot to Recovey with appropriate function in TWRP.
    /data => if not mounted, go to WIPE within TWRP, then to ADVANCED WIPE, click on REPAIR FILE SYSTEM, select “data”, Change file System to ext2, repeat it with ext4 (to switch back to original file system).
    Copy files from SD Card to local file System with TWRP File Manager.
    Then go on with STEP 15 of the Manual above.

    • AncientWisdom says:

      Thanks!!! That has really worked.

      If coming from stock, I think the guide is missing a step or two.

      Here’s what I did:
      Step 13. Hit “Start” and as soon as you see “RESET!”, hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 6 seconds and you will enter TWRP recovery. If you miss this step, simply repeat (THE WHOLE PROCESS including flashing TWRP and holding the buttons at the right time) until you get it .

      Step 14. In TWRP, Swipe right.

      Added Steps —->
      Step 14 A – Click Wipe – Format Data
      Step 14 B – Reboot – Recovery
      Step 14 C – Copy zip files through computer (without doing the wipe and reboot I was unable to copy the files to the device)

      Step 15 – Choose “Install”.
      Select Magisk etc. etc.

      You can watch this video where it includes those missing steps –

      If you are failing Safety Net check, make sure to follow the last step-
      Step 22. If you want to hide root, simply enable “Magisk Hide” in the Settings of Magisk Manager. Also enable busybox as this is required for many rooted apps.

    • Oli says:

      SD Card => maybe a reboot into recovery in TWRP is sufficient that SD Card will be recognized.
      ATTENTION – be aware that you will delete/loose all your data when changing file System to ext2 and back to ext4.

      • Snylee says:

        This method worked for me but only because i had the ZIPS stored on an external SD Card. So once I followed your process of changing the file system, i copied the ZIPS from my external SD to the S7’s SD and everything worked after that. Thanks for the assistance 🙂

      • John Smith says:

        Yes. But you should perhaps stress INTERNAL SD card, so beginners won’t get confused and wipe their external sd card.

    • BroGitZ says:

      this works, you lose data which you should have backed up in the first place before doing anything, but if you follow @oli everything should work fine and you WILL be rooted.

  15. minh says:

    Continuous reset

  16. tonying says:

    it works for me ;-)) thank you!

  17. Link says:

    Yeah it work but i have to lost all my data … Thanks for that

    • John Smith says:

      Anytime you do something like this, you must ALWAYS make sure you’ve backed up EVERYTHING first, and restore your data afterwards.

  18. Fred says:

    Hi guys – followed the instructions to a tee and ended up with a samsung screen on loop – installed magisk and antiroot on the external sd as I could not see those files in SD card even though they were copied and now unable to get out of the loop. Any help would be appreciated. How can I restore and go back to normal? What needs to be done without having to wipe the phone?

    • Jenn says:

      Same problem here… I copied both ZIP files to my phone (in no particular folder, just in “Phone”) but when I’m at the TWRP recovery stage and trying to “install,” both files are not there… and now my phone won’t restart/I only keep getting the Samsung restart screen… HELP!

  19. kennbeth says:

    hey max can this root work on galaxy s7edge g935u runing 7.0

  20. kenneth says:

    hey max can this work on g935u 7.0

  21. sadegh says:


  22. Benou says:

    Doesn’t Work !
    This sh*t destroy the data and boot partition, i’m trying to flash the rom and I pray it’s work after….

  23. Mazlan Asrik says:

    Hi..I managed to get the SafetyNet Check Success Pass (green) but the Samsung Pay with massage Access Denied (Samsung Pay has been lock due to an unauthorized modification..

    Plesae help.

    Thank you.

  24. Maciej says:

    I have problem with that step:
    Step 16. Choose the Magisk ZIP file.

    i cant see that files what i added by pc. help me/

    • Jenn says:

      Smh…me, too! I placed the ZIP files in my phone for sure (in the general “Phone” folder, if I must say) but I see no files at the “install” step…and now my phone won’t restart/I only keep getting the Samsung restart screen… HELP!

  25. Mike says:

    Grmpf I wish I had read the comments before following the steps blindly….

    The files were not visible, phone went into bootloop and had to reset/wipe phone to get it to start again… now I also dont get past the SafetyNet check….sigh…

  26. Retired says:

    Like every other “Grand Plan” for TWRP Root, there is apparently no solution for the SM-G935V. I’ve tried several methods some with piss poor instructions (to more detailed like Mike’s which by the way I’ve relied on since my Samsung 10.1 days) which worked well but they all failed resulting in a return to base firmware and painfully rebuilding phone from scratch.

  27. Michael Chatfield says:

    Hi. Plead my ignorance:

    two questions:
    1) Will this trip Knox? (I Don’t see it mentioned)
    2) Has anyone tried this with a 930U (unlocked international Snapdragon)? I’m just wondering if there are any methods that will work with this device. Or if trying this will trip Knox (or just not work?

    I’ve rooted my old Note 3 with no issues, so using Odin isn’t an issue. I just don’t want to brick my phone or trip Knox.

  28. sous says:

    is anyone online

  29. sous says:

    where the reset button should me is fail instead, does anyone have a solution for this please?

  30. sous says:

    it says that binary blocked? how do we fix that?

  31. Lewin says:

    Have a Problem by step 11, windows is blocking the start of the Samsung Usb exe driver. Windows say: Administrator has blocked the execution of this app. Need help!!!!¨

  32. Luo says:

    it work for me guys, when you’re in twrp and you’re not finding the files just go back to wipe and wipe DATA, when it’s done the phone will reboot but bootloop so juste re-open twrp and then you wiil be able to re-copy the zip files into your phone from your computer but with twrp open on the phone, then just refresh directory on the phone and you will see the two files in SDCARD, follow the instrucions and when you have the choice of wipe cache/dalvik just do it and reboot phone by clicking on the button, swipe to install twrp app and now wait, it took me 5-10 minutes before it stop saying “samsung” so juste be patient, I hope I help someone bye

  33. 94Tamie says:

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    here. Your blog should go viral. You need initial traffic boost only.
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  34. Scott Horn says:

    Max, your step by step instructions do not work. I have a SM-930F phone. Some commenters on here are suggesting this missing step: 1: if the samsung logo is blinking, do VOL DOWN + CENTER + POWER, and wait for phone to reboot (around 10 sec) 2: As soon as it reboots, do: VOL UP!!!!!! + CENTER + POWER!. It will reboot into TWRP. 3: Go to “Wipe” 4: Click “format data” 5: Reboot the phone, as soon as it reboots: Hold VOL UP + CENTER + POWER! 6: Go to install 7: Your PC will now recognize the phone. Go to windows explorer and copy the 2 zip files to the INTERNAL memory! 8: select the 2 zip files on your phone and go on like instructed.

    Will you please confirm that this will work?

    • Scott Horn says:

      BTW, I received the error: Error installing zip file ‘/sdcard/’
      following your instructions. Will you please confirm the missing step to WIPE, format data?

    • Milan says:

      Thanks a lot bud! You just literally saved my life from a heart attack. Phone work well after following your steps.

  35. jp says:

    1 step is missing in it before you install zip file must wipe data

  36. Lewin says:

    My S7 won’t reboot, the phone stucks by the Samsung logo.

  37. Václav says:

    Just format data in wipe if you get same error as me ‘/data’

  38. Kartik S says:


    Like others I got the \data error while in TWRP and finally had to loose my entire data but was able to restart the phone.

    I have installed the magisk app from your website as play store doesn’t support it.
    I have tried every possible way to get the safety net to work but that didn’t happen. I tried changing every possible settings wherever possible but still it didn’t work.

    So I thought let me try to restart the phone and give it a try, but alas the moment I restarted I got the FRP error in red and it doesn’t allow you to do anything including charging your phone.

    Luckily I found the solution on Google and could get the fresh installation to work.

    But then my Knox has tripped and even Samsung pay is not working. Right now I am not rooted and I have read in some reviews that even S Health wouldn’t work if we are rooted and the suggestion was not to login to Samsung account itself. This actually means we lose the entire Samsung set of apps which actually do many things.

    Now I need help to reset the knox counter so that I can use Samsung pay again. I have read in some reviews that if the rooting was done thru magisk then it’s possible to reset the knox counter. Please help

  39. black jesus says:

    I can do all the steps without any problem. Until i reach TWRP recovery. Where the files i copied to my phone don’t show. I tried several times. And yet. They dont show and i cant run them.

  40. DW says:

    Has anyone got this method to work recently on the most recent update of nougat 7.0 on a G930W8?

  41. Magos says:

    hey can someone answer to me
    the phone remains in a loop showing “SANSUNG ” message which fades and return.
    can someone explain to me step by step what to do?

    • DW says:

      I had something similar happen. I would use smartswitch or if you can ODIN to reflash stock firmware. That’s what I did to at least get my phone back up and working. No root for now for me…:(

  42. Beni says:

    These steps don’t work anymore with new firmwares. I got root with CF-Auto-Root:

  43. Johni says:

    Cheers for absolutely fucking my phone, if it doesn’t work anymore delete this thread. Won’t just stuck on Samsung and won’t even let me factory reset. Cheers.

  44. Karthik S says:

    Everyone who is rooting after new updates, this method is not working or reliable. Forv example I was able to root but I lost knox count and unable to use Samsung pay.

  45. Nobbby says:

    I need a little help.
    Everything went ok till i got the message:
    -Process update endet
    -Error installing /sdcard/Magisk-v12.0

    Any idea?

    Thanks for helping.



  46. bysty says:

    Nobbby i have same problem, did you found solution ?

  47. Andrew says:

    I follow all the steps and at final no root instaled…why?

  48. parth says:

    my netwrok not woriking plz help

  49. renzinator says:

    it worked for me but now i cant install apps (error 693) tried all the solutions and nothing works

  50. zeki says:

    got into the bootloop, dont try this,it wont work

  51. Ben says:

    Do not use his way you lose everything. I have lost my trust on him. I lost everything.

  52. karma says:

    those who ask ppl wipe and format is evil, beware of karma,
    this thread is totally useless, printscreen so many stuck at 1 step and yet some bluff people to go format,. once format the phone is dead cant even do factory reset anymore. screw you guys~!

  53. LastCathryn says:

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  54. biki says:

    my phone is unable to restart . The integrity verification has failed. what does that mean what should i do?

    • Thobias says:

      For future references: After the ODIN process you have a limited window to press the corresponding buttons. (Before is says PASS!)

  55. vbeentryingsince2016 says:

    hey it WORKED awesome but snapchat doesn’t start even checked in the Magisk hide thingy does someone know whats wrong ?

    Also what is Magisk ? am i obligated to have this app installed ? cause i wanted to install some other roms like ubuntu and such..

  56. Sandeep says:

    Hi, While rooting we followed the above steps and i couldn’t able to see Magisk & Samsung Anti-removal zip’s in the /sdcard. Also, checked other locations, but couldn’t see. Now we stuck in the middle, ODIN is failing and Mobile went into “Reboot” looping showing only SAMSUNG message. If I press, Volume Down+Power+Centre Home, i can see Downloading screen but after that i cannot move ahead. Please help me on this..Urgent!!

  57. Christos Papantoniou says:

    I m thinking of rooting my s7 edge with the above method but after reading all these in this thread I worry a bit. Is there something that I should take care? Should I modify any of the above steps for rooting without heartbeats?

  58. riders science says:

    Hi everyone For latest information you have to go to see the web and on the web I found this website as a most excellent web page for most up-to-date updates. thank u

  59. naresh says:

    my galaxy s7 edge rooted but not working sim card how to solv…?

  60. Mo says:

    would this work with version 8.0 instead of 7

  61. Shawn says:

    Hi was trying this and did step by step but it didnt save the copied majisk or samsung root removal. and now im stuck in twrp, i need some help please.

  62. Sarah says:

    I have 8.0. Will this still work?

  63. Rukbat says:

    Necropost, but it’s always better to download an .apk file directly from the developer, and the latest version of Magisk Manager (and Magisk) is always available at

  64. Alex says:

    If installing the latest Magisk, should really “Samsung AntiRoot Removal Kit ” be installed along with it?

  65. Mahmoud says:

    Is there another way which I don’t have to wipe my DATA , because the reason I want to root is to recover some deleted data .So if I wiped the data is there any chance that data recovery will find data ?

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  1. April 21, 2017

    […] install, make sure you have TWRP recovery installed.  If you don’t have it installed, follow Steps 1 through 13 in our root guide here then follow the rest of instructions on this […]

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