Why root Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge?

If you want to enjoy 100% of Android’s open source powers, you will definitely want to root your phone.  Also, when your phone becomes old and obsolete/no longer supported by Samsung, you will be able to rejuvenate your phone with latest Android OS.  For example, we have seen many older Galaxy phones like the Galaxy S2, S3, S4, and S5 get Android Marshmallow much before even newer phones.  Especially for older phones like Galaxy S2, S3, or S4 where Samsung has stopped updating beyond Jelly Bean, we have been able to root and install custom ROMs to make the phone run over 30% faster while enjoying the latest Android 6.0.1 custom ROMs through ROMs like CM13 and Resurrection Remix ROM.

Now rooting does set off the KNOX counter which disables your Samsung Pay.  If you use Samsung Pay often and you don’t want to lose that feature, we recommend you to not root your phone.  Of course, for those of you who do root, you always option of running a custom ROM without root and use Android Pay instead.

Also, rooting usually voids your warranty as it sets off KNOX counter.  Now, depending on where you bought the S7 or S7 Edge, your warranty may or may not be valid.  For most physical damages, most carriers actually still offer warranty regardless of root, this you will have to check with your provider.    If you are new to rooting and you want to make sure you can get a new phone in case you mess up, you can always opt to get insurance for your phone, which will cover your phone even when you lose it.  That is probably the best way.  Most U.S. carriers offer Jump programs where you can switch your phone which also comes included with insurance, if you are on one of those programs, you should not have to worry about warranty.

What about benefits of rooting?

Rooting can allow you to install cool stuff like camera MODs and extend your 4K recording times up to 30 minutes instead of the default 10 minutes.  Rooting allows you to use rooted apps like Titanium Backup app to backup all of your apps along with data so you can restore it if you lose your phone or move the apps to another rooted Android device.  I could probably go on and on about the benefits of rooting but if there’s something special you want to do with your phone, rooting makes it possible, which simply gives you full control of your smartphone.

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