How to Root Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge! - Page 2


Step 2. Tap of “Software info” then tap on “Build number” about 5 times until it says, “Developer mode has been turned on”.


Step 3. Tap the back button twice and you will see a new menu called “Developer options”, tap on it.


Step 4. Make sure “OEM unlock” is checked ON like shown below:


Step 5. Power off your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.  Then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds until you see the warning screen like below:


Step 6. Let go of all the buttons, hit the Volume Up button to put it into ODIN Download mode, then connect a micro-USB cable from your phone to the computer.


Step 7. Download the files you will need to root your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge:

  • Download BETA SuperSU v2.79 – Link
  • Download – Link
  • Download ODIN zip – Link
  • Download Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge DriversLink
  • Download TWRP Recovery for Galaxy S7 – Link (Choose this if you have Galaxy S7)
  • Download TWRP Recovery for Korean Galaxy S7 – Link (Choose this if you have Korean Galaxy S7)
  • Download TWRP Recovery for Galaxy S7 Edge – Link (Choose this if you have Galaxy S7 Edge)
  • Download TWRP Recovery for Korean Galaxy S7 Edge – Link (Choose this if you have Korean Galaxy S7 Edge)


Step 8. Extract the ODIN zip file and you should get a folder with ODIN program.  Double-click on the ODIN exe file to run the ODIN program.

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109 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    I would like to think you for your video’s from over the years i have been following you since galaxy s2 i am a huge fan!

  2. Philip Stone says:

    Hi max, sorry bit off topic.. jus got my s7.. trying to move apps to a 32gb in sd and it’s saying insufficient storage available after formatting it in phone.. any help please ? Thanks

  3. ju66er says:

    Max you are still the man. I’ll wait for root on my Sprint S7 Edge. All I really want is the hotspot and adaway installed.

  4. Tim says:

    Loved all your Note tutorials and, as always, another awesome tutorial. I was a bit upset at what Samsung did with the processor, etc but sounds like the Exynos was an advantage for us in Canada; for once.

    • Bryan says:

      🙂 Yeah! I’m from Canada and I’m relieved that this model is available here. My heart was pounding when I thought that there’d be a slight chance that I couldn’t.

  5. rios says:

    not work in g930t

  6. Aleksandr says:

    This method worked fine on my Galaxy S7 MS-G935FD EDGE INT. dual sim, so nice to have unlocked boot loader, no issues at all. Thank you for your always best tutorials.

  7. hello, I was wondering now that T Mobile offers OEM unlock and developer options, would it be possible to the galaxy S 7 on T Mobile now?

  8. William Crowther says:

    Is there a way to modify the proxy server for Sprint

  9. sabani says:

    Than you for this great and detail tutorial.
    I have one question. am I going to receive OTA updates after rooting galaxy s7 by this method?

  10. Lin says:

    Hi Max,

    Great instruction and video on Youtube. One question, does this method work for SM-G9300, which is the Chinese version of Galaxy S7. This Chinese version has the Snapdragon 820 CPU, but I heard it does NOT have a locked bootloader as in the cases of all US versions.

    The reason I want to root my SM-G9300 is that the Chinese version does not come with Google Apps, and without rooting the phone, there is no way to add them back.


  11. Canyn says:

    will there ever be a way to root U.S. phones such as SM-G930P?

  12. jason seery says:

    hey max, everything worked perfect on my s7 smg930f but when I went to turn my phone on it says binary blocked by fap lock and the stock firmwires will not download they say file may be corrupt or missing? any help would be much appreciated

  13. Ron says:

    Max, I rooted my SM930f and installed the Superman Rom (currently v1.3.5). Works great. Noticed that there are a number of additional Roms for the SM935f which are interesting. I understand that you can flash these on the SM930f but you need to change the boot.img. Would be great if you could tell us how to go about doing this so we would have more Roms to flash.

  14. Ilenia says:


    where i can find Italian rom?

  15. Nurettin says:

    samsung s7 edge SM935T T mobile No root, I’m so sorry

  16. Ron says:

    Most of the SM935F (Edge) Roms can be used on the SM930F (Flat) with just a check in the aroma when flashing. I have installed Superman v 1.4, KingRom v4.1, Renovate Edge r13, and KryxOS v1.2. All working perfectly with Xposed also installed. You should show some of these on your website,

  17. Alex says:

    Hello Max!Firstly id like to thank you for your great work!!You trully are the best!
    My phone is rooted tnx to u and everything went smoothly!
    I have just one question?!
    Is it necesery to format data after installing recovery?Or you do it for some reason?
    The phone will bootloop if we dont after the super su and no verity flash??

    • admin says:

      Yes, this is due to the new encryption on Marshmallow, if you don’t do that step, you will end up in a bootloop. I would not tell you to do things unless absolutely necessary of course.

  18. m bosma says:

    Hi, what will happen with my sdcard which I have now converted to internal storage when root my s7 this way? Do have to convert it again? Is it alse wiped and formated?


  19. Canyn says:

    I read this on a site pertaining to Samsung Galaxy S7 “Other Model can be rooted via By flashing custom recovery and supersu.” Is this true

    • admin says:

      Only models listed here such as Exynos-based S7 or S7 Edge. U.S. models have locked bootloaders so you won’t be able to root them yet.

  20. Sabbir says:

    Hey max. Iv used your method on rooting my s7 edge which was successful but now iv lost my root due to the secuirty update? Do you have any solutions?

  21. Evo says:

    Can i use for my galaxy s7 edge SM-G935FD 6.0.1 Asia (Jakarta) ?

    Thank you very much

  22. Wesley Abraham says:


    Very Good tutorial, As am a iphone user got back to Android with the S7 Edge, its was pretty hard for me to follow the process . Searched various tutorials non worked for me.

    I got totally frustrated at leased you helped. very clean and crisp tutorial at last my phone got rooted.


  23. Phil says:

    Hi, Able to root SM-G935V yet?

  24. dipesh says:

    how to root g930p

  25. Matthias says:

    Thank you very much for your tutorial. I followed your instructions step-by-step and it worked. However today (or maybe a few days ago, dunno for sure) I lost my root access all of a sudden. I have read in forums that you loose it after a recent security policy update. However there is a new SuperSU version (2.74) that is supposed to fix the problem. Is there a way to install the new version without wiping my phone? I am new to this so I have to apologise in advance if my question is stupid.

  26. Dex says:

    how do i download this?? trying to root an Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F. Was reading how to do it & it says i need to dl some things eg Odin.. has links to each one but when i go to each link i cant find da dl button. can someone pls help

  27. Francis M Camballa says:

    Thank You Very much I root my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge tax again

  28. Sabbir Ahmed says:

    hey, thanks for the rooting method, but i ran into a problem. i just restarted my phone and it wont turn back on because custom binary blocked by frp lock? could really use your help

  29. Robert Dutcher says:

    I have a Galaxy S7 from China model SM-G9300, will any of these work to root this phone? If not, do you know where/how I could get this done? I am trying to download and use Google Play store, but not having much luck at the moment. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  30. Kofi Afari Dekyi says:

    Can I root the SM-G935K using this method? I realise you have SM-G930K for both the S7 and the S7 edge korean versions.

  31. Dean says:

    Hi Max I have converted from the note 4. Now got an s7 edge sm-g935w8 canadian .
    After flashing the oden twrp file, step one and holding the buttons after its done. I cannot get into twrp mode no matter what i do! what is wrong

    • Bryan says:

      Just restore it again and flash the stock boot.img, get that part all done and retry! But what do I know? xD

  32. PEpe says:

    it worked man..thx for the tips

    • Bryan says:

      Your comment gives me hope and confidence for when I do it to mine. Jeez I don’t want to have to wait another 2 weeks for that phone but there is a slim chance that I could get it tomorrow if my Speech skill is high enough (Skyrim reference). I’ll have to starve for two weeks if I get this phone xD

  33. Bryan says:

    I’m so hyped to root mine! I’m from Canada, eh so we have the Exynos Processor. All the other tutorials on YouTube seem so complicated and they say that you have to install a bunch of other applications and whatnot, I’m following yours! I may be getting one by chance tomorrow here in Manitoba and I know that the “Black” colour is the only one that we could get but I don’t care! I’m more happy that I will be able to upgrade (major) from my old HTC One (M8) that I’m envied for. I’ve been through a lot with it and I think that this (*I know that this) is a worthy upgrade. Thank you for this simple to follow tutorial and I’ll be back with a fully rooted phone!

    My Apps Wishlist:
    -SuperSU Pro
    -ROM Toolbox Pro
    -Titanium Backup w/ Key
    -Flashify Premium
    -Xposed Framework
    -ES File Explorer
    -Lucky Patcher
    -DraStic DS Emulator
    -My Boy!
    -My Old Boy!
    (I only play emulated games…)

  34. aakash says:

    I wanna ask a question
    Will dis nt trip d knox??
    Nd i m frm india
    Nd my s7 model num is SM-G930FD

  35. Robert Brush Jr says:

    You can root snapdragon model now check it out XDA!

  36. ben says:

    would work on SM-G935FD ?!?!

  37. Sagar says:

    Hey max, why didn’t you root using chainfire autoroot?
    And can i root SM-G935FD using chainfire autoroot? Because the zip file is for G935F model

  38. Chad says:

    when i click the ap and press start it ends as fail. what do i do now?

  39. SRiechel says:

    Hello Max, is there any chance this will work on the S7 Active. If not can you point me in the right direction. I refuse to use anything anyone else has out there because I have never had a issue with anything you post. Thanks so much.

  40. victor says:

    a simple question can I install the version 930F my 930w8 just that thanks

  41. Roel says:

    How about galaxy SM-G9350

  42. Dave says:

    followed this guide but upon attempting to install the it gets to…
    -dumping & unpacking original boot image…
    -Error: unpacking boot image failed
    Failed to patch boot image!
    Updater process ended with ERROR: 1

    Everything else went smooth, i’ve tried re-downloading and re-copying the file, also tried placing it on internal and external storage.

  43. Marcelo says:

    Hi. Very good post. I have rooted my G930F with CF-Auto-Root, now I tryed to install xposed framework but in TWRP I have an error: “failed to mount /data”. Do you know if this is for the encription? I have to wipe my phone and install the before flash the framework?


  44. Fred says:

    I really like your videos and I want to root my phone to play Pokemon go at home because of the hot weather and the other issue that are going on in Louisiana but I have an SM-G935V model can’t wait till you figure out how to root it

  45. Dean P says:

    MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXX PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have a serious problem. s7 edge . I rebooted phone and all of a sudden i got this custom binary blocked by frp lock. I have a rooted phone and everything was fine until this random reboot. I cannot restore or get into recovery mode. All i can do is get into oden mode and when i flash the original stock firmware the phone shows a green custom binary blocked by frp lock and then just sites there and eventually fails flashing anything. I have a seriously bricked phone here i am freaking out and don’t know what to do. Nothing in google works!

    • Marcelo says:

      I had the same problem because I turned off the OEM unlock inside the Development options. The only way to correct this is to install the Stock Firmware with Odin. You need to download the correct Stock Firmware for your phone from or and install it. Any custom recovery or firmware will block the phone. After the install of the Stock Firmware, you can turn on the OEM unlock and root your phone again. That’s what I did with mine.

      • Dean P says:

        Thats just it. I did the root the way MAx did. I watched the video it has been fine for a few months now. This was just a random reboot. SO I did exactly that. I went to sam mobile and got the stock firmware. Press start and the error pops up on the phone this time in green and just sits there forever then oden gives me the error FAIL.

  46. Ken says:

    I am not able to copy the no-verity-opt-encrypt and BETA-SuperSU-v2.68-20160228150503 zip files in to my S7 phone. When i try to copy paste them it says ” This device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected”? It still shows that my device is connected though? Please help.

  47. ChrisN says:

    Hi. Thank you for this tutorial. I jumped from S2 (rooted with your method) to S7 and I’m glad you’re here again. One question thou: what I miss A LOT from the S2 is the possibility to tether the internet connection through Bluetooth (for my car) – removed from the SM-G930W8 (Canada). Will Root fix this?

  48. misha says:

    trying to do this but when i click AP and choose the S7 edge TWRP img and click start, it says Odin Downloader has stopped working.

  49. EJ says:

    Do you need internet connection to root your phone?

  50. Dint work on my S7 edge SM-G935FD

  51. Scyris says:

    Has anyone confirmed this works with the Canadian SM-G930W8 model?

    • Scyris says:

      I also notice that you lack any firmwares for the SM-G930W8 on here. I believe all canadian models use this same firmware iirc.

    • Gabriele says:


      I just rooted the Canadian Galaxy S7 and wow it works great .. just go exactely after his Describtion … 🙂


  52. phil baines says:

    hey max,doing this on a s7 edge,it seems to flash the recovery fine but when I reboot 9vol up,home and power) I’m getting something about SEANDRIOD? any ideas what it could be?

  53. daniele taronna says:

    same issue here..

    when trying to boot in recovery I get stuck ‘recovery is not seandroid enforcing’ with samsung logo..

    can reboot the phone and start normally but no recovery

  54. manoj says:

    Hello, After ODIN hero2lte.img.tar for s7edge, when i’m trying to restart in recovery mode, it doesn’t go to twrp recovery but normal recovery mode. Can you pls help where i’m going wrong?

  55. Gabriele says:

    Hi my Name is Gabriele ,

    I have the Canadian Galaxy S7 SM- G930W8 because i am Swiss i would like to get the German Language Pack on that Phone Samsung Canada does not offer that , is it possible after rooting my Phone to do ?

    Sorry maybe silly Question but i am a Newbie in that Stuff i feel anyway a bit scare to root but i would try ..:)


  56. Gabriele says:

    root did not work on the Canadian Galaxy S7 …


  57. Cliff says:

    Question for you, I’m on one of the US models, I know there’s a way to root it but very difficult. Can I use the TWRP and just flash a custom rom without rooting?

  58. jamal says:

    TK u sooo much sr you’r the best…

  59. Shane says:

    I’m on AT&T have the 935f and rooted. How do you get 4g speeds? I only get H+.

  60. EDdgar says:

    hello i own a galaxy s7 …..SM-G930R4 i want to know if there is a root for this one thx

  61. Danielle says:

    I did enjoy seeing how you worded every thing. Everything is very straight forward and easy to follow along.

    However, I was curious to know if you hadn’t heard about Chainfire’s root for ours models, that doesn’t erase any thing from your phone! It was really fast as well. As you just use Odin to flash your phone with Chainfire’s download (However, making sure that your phone has been upgraded to the most recent upgrade) and after you run odin, you’ll do the same by dragging supersu into the phones files, and then you just restart it and its done. Rooted and you still have all of your stuff. no need to start all over again. It worked for me and a few other of us Canadian S7 phone owners lol

  62. Farlz says:

    Thanks. I followed the video but got stuck at 5.25 -it didn’t go in to TWRP recovery but showed “recovery is not seanandroid enforcing”. I shut down by vol. down+power. On rebooting it asked for permission enable SuperSu to my surprise – i did. I wasn’t sure what’s happening so I install root checker and it tells me I’m rooted. All my files are intact though which confuses me even more -isn’t rooting suppose to wipe them out ? Step 11 in your website said if you miss getting into TWRP recovery you can power off and do the buttons -do you mean vol up+home+power ? Sorry I am a newbie at this -my first attempt at rooting a phone.

  63. ilyass says:

    not work in g935u

  64. ilyass says:

    Heelp mee not work in sm-g935u pleas heelp mee

  65. Brainergy says:

    Hi Max, thx for all ur hard work, been using ur methods since my note 1 n they haven’t failed me yet. Until now :\

    My S7 Edge SM-G935F doesn’t take this though I thoroughlyfollow ur instructions.
    After step 11 1 of 2 things happen…:
    1* if I try to enter recovery at the black screen after flashing TWRP it freezes
    2* if I let the phone boot, turn it off n then try to enter recovery it shows a blue screen telling me it’s applying the update after which it shows the ‘failed install’ emoji n it enters stock recovery

    If I enter Odin-mode after 1 it says Binary custom n Status official
    When I enter Odin-mode after 2 it says Binary official n Status custom.

    I don’t get it, pls advice

    • Param says:

      I have the same issue Max… pls help!!! Although after flashing TWRP2 (since I am using SM-G935F) I do get the CLI based TWRP menu… (not the GUI menu like yours). Pls help!

  66. Jon says:

    Great video max. I’ve never had issues rooting phones before but this time I can get as far as ODIN and load the recovery on to my phone but when my phone starts to reboot and I hold the UP + Power + Home buttons I get stuck on the “Recovery is not seandroid enforcing” on the top right. Any thoughts?

  67. Roni says:

    Can we have this page updated? I’m not sure if it already has been but it says it was posted in March where us carriers couldn’t root and now we can but I still can’t find a method on here. Please and thanjs

  68. Anselmo dos Santos says:


    Alguma saída para o SM-9300 (China) já fiz de tudo e continuo sem acesso ao Google Play. Agradeço a todos.


  69. Anselmo dos Santos says:


    Some exit to the SM-9300 (China) I have already done everything and I still do not have access to Google Play. I thank everyone.


  70. Shkëlqim says:

    Nice post Sir i have rooted my s7 edge exynos after following the steps on this tutorial.Thank you very much

  71. josephjq says:

    Thanks for this. I’m just getting into rooting, and wondering your opinion on TWRP verses Titanium backup pro. My main purposes for rooting are not to flash custom ROMS, but rather to be able to create complete back ups including system and app settings, and all internal data and links to data on the external sd card. Will I have to use both TWRP manager and Titanium or just one of them to achieve this?

    I also hope to synchronize everything between two identical devices. Perhaps you can suggest a good complete synchronisation software beyond one of these two backup apps if that would be more suited for that part.

  72. Chris says:

    Hi. Thanks for everything. One small question: can I install SM-G930F Stock Firmware on SM-G930W8? Thanks.

  73. Apolinar Zaragoza says:

    Is there a uproot method and go back to stock?

  74. candi says:

    Please help did everything right, passed on odin in about 4 seconds. hit volume up, power and home as soon as the screen went black. top of the screen says in red “recovery is not seandroid enforcing” and has the samsung galaxy s7 edge powered by android logo. problem is thats where it has stayed. wont shut off no matter what i do. wont go into recovery. i made sure my device was compatible exynos s7 edge canadian variant, downloaded the hero2.tar file . oem unlocked. how can i get this to reboot? any help would be apprecaited. thanks

  75. Jaddy Balagtas says:

    Will this work for SM-G935FD

  76. Guillaume Lepage says:

    One feature I’d like to have is a dark background notification. Ive seen lots of videos about custom roms for s7 but nobody talking about dark notification as we used to have before lollipop. I was doing it with dark themes on Cm13 on my galaxy s5. Do you know any custom ROM for s7 that have that feature or if it’s possible to do? By the way I really like your sites I follow you since my galaxy s2!

    • Guillaume Lepage says:

      OK I finally figured out how! Just by installing Samsung’s Good Lock from the Samsung Store allowed me to change background notification color without even rooting.

  77. Erik brubaker says:

    Hey max. Erik here. Ive done the steps above multiple times on the canadian version s7 edge. But no matter what i do my phone willnot boot into twrp but odin says passed. I must be doing something wrong. Do i have to unzip the twrp file before I use it in odin?

  78. George says:

    Stuck in seansndriod screen like many of you others, can reboot into original state but as i try to root agian it freezes at seanandriod after holding the buttons like instructed, please post a solution to the problem if any of you have came across one. Just a humble Canadian looking for some help

  79. iqandroid says:

    Do you know a way to root the Galaxy S7 Verizon on 6.0 marshmallow?

  80. ZAck says:

    Good day
    Thanks for all your help. i still cant get my S7 G930F to root odin run and show connection as i load twrp the phone keep on disconnecting

  81. ZAck says:

    Hi Max thanks for all the info but i just cant get it right to root my S7 G930F. i new to this as i try to root my S7 to use cheats/hacks for clash of queens. is there anyway you can helpme

  82. Richard Poirier says:

    The “wifi calling” option is no longer available since I’ve rooted my S7 edger from Rogers Canada. Any help on a way to retrieve that very useful function would be much appreciated!

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