How to Root Qualcomm Galaxy S7/S7 Edge! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon] - Page 2



Step 2. Reboot then tap on “build number” under Settings->Software Information until it says you have enabled developer options.



Step 3. Tap on Settings->Developer Options then enable “USB Debugging” and “OEM Unlock”.




Step 4. Power off your S7 or S7 Edge then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together until you see a warning screen like below.



Step 5. Hit Volume Up key to enter ODIN download mode and connect a micro-USB cable from your phone to your computer.


Step 6. You should have downloaded all the files required to root.



They should all be in your Downloads directory like shown below:


Step 7. Unzip the then run the ODIN program inside the newly unzipped folder.


Step 8. You should see a blue-highlighted box on top-left of the ODIN program, if you do not see it, run the Samsung USB driver program and unplug/re-plug your phone then you should see it.

Select “AP” then browse and select the file ending in “TAR”, which is the ENG Boot file you downloaded for either Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

Then select “Start” and this will flash ENG Boot file.


You should see “PASS!” and your phone will reboot if successful.


Step 9. If your phone ends up in a bootloop (which most likely will), you will need to do a factory reset.  To do this, hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together until your phone resets then quickly switch the Volume Down to Up key while holding the rest of the buttons down until you see “Recovery booting” at the top-left of the screen.  If you mess up, don’t worry you can keep trying until you get it right.

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163 Responses

  1. Scott Smith says:

    I get super SU, but I try to download busybox and it takes forever, maybe it is setting up or downloading apps. When I reboot the phone, it is stuck on the T-Mobile screen like it is in a bootloop. have waited 5 minutes already…. Should I factory reset and start again? Are there any roms available for the T-Mobile GS7 Edge? Thanks

  2. Luis Vega says:

    Hey Max i need the stockS7boot.Tar, can you put a donwload link please!

  3. Chris Wilkinson says:

    This is great news…especially about the KNOX (bane of my existence)…who needs it.

    This sounds like it can give us root without tripping KNOX. Does it also allow us to try these fantastic ROMs you review for us without tripping KNOX…? I’m not a complete noob but I always thought that what tripped KNOX was something in the boot process not being stock.

    Again thanks for the tremendous work you do. I’ve been a fan of the GalaxyS_Root sites for a long time.

  4. Zenobiaynadidiy Teagle says:

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge & I did everything right then I reboot my phone and I have a black screen I tried flashing the stock img and that didn’t work so now my screen is black overheating and constantly vibrating well at least until the battery dies if anyone has a unhappy suggest I am all ears.

    • Zenobiaynadidiy Teagle says:

      I meant to say if anyone has a suggestion I am all ears it’s been a long day.

      • Jonathan says:

        same thing happened to me

      • Jonathan says:

        any solutions to this problem?

        • Zenobiaynadidiy Teagle says:

          Absolutely none so far if I figure anything out I will definitely let you know I hope I find one soon because I need my phone

          • Jonathan says:

            After flashing the Stock img, it just goes to recovery

          • Abdur Rehman says:

            if your phone is going in recovery mode, make a factory reset and it should boot normally

          • Stiven says:

            Same happened to me, I install the file he said a the end of post to get back, but still only get into download and recovery mode, and on the bottom said: “Supported API: 3/ dm- verification failed…”, also I tried to do a data/factory reset, but still in failed, I tried to flash the stock rom and 2 second after start the flashing proces fail, I don’t know what else do, any suggestion?

          • Stiven says:

            UPDATE: I just tried to start all the rooting proces from the begining, I flashed the file Samsung_G935x_QC_Rooted_BOOT.TAR with the odin modificated an now the phone start good and is working, I will still tring to all the proces again.

          • Mihai says:

            at me it says exepction: do_handler_sync: UNKNOWN (and other things) what should I do?

        • JohnnyE327 says:

          One thing that i did to COMPLETELY remove the root and everything that was/is involed with it is use Simple Switch from Samsung. You just go to more and choose the second option to factory reset and erase the root. Now my phone which was having constant problems with the root, is now on the original system and running perfectly.

    • kiet says:

      I tried it this morning and same thing happened. The phone rebooted but it was stuck at the T-Mobile splash screen and battery heated up like crazy. Finally got it into recovery mode and factory reset for phone to boot up properly. But no root access.

      • kiet says:

        now that the phone boots properly, it does say S7 custom at the boot screen but no root access (did a root check).

    • Rod says:

      Good for you for messing up a good phone

  5. Zenobiaynadidiy Teagle says:

    That’s exactly what mine does I don’t even get to the at&t logo on mine it’s just boots up S7 Edge Custom and then the screen goes black

  6. Zenobiaynadidiy Teagle says:

    I even tried to recover my OS through Samsung Switch no success with that either

  7. Soularrw says:

    Same thing happened to me and now I’m without a phone. hopefully someone figures something out.

  8. CookiezOP says:

    will this work without erasing everything?

  9. Quincy says:

    Hey Max, I have sprint and my phone continues to loop through activating the phone. It activates, then a few minutes later it attempts to activate again. When it does activate it continues to turn on and go through the same process again. I performed the entire root process twice to ensure I followed every step.

    • Kyle decker says:

      I’m having the same problem and mine also just keeps rebooting. There is a way to get rid of the hands free it’s on youtube. But now my phone keeps restarting after about 2 mins

    • Sam says:

      With sprint you have to remove the sim so the phone will skip network activation. Then when the phone finally boot into android. But the sim back in. Get a package disabler and disable the package security dm. Then go to settings and click activate phone. It should cycle through network setup and then youll have to hit done. Once it reboots your phone should be able to connect to sprint.

  10. edgardo says:

    i need to remove for galaxy s7 att i can remove :'((((

  11. Zenobiaynadidiy Teagle says:

    I put a fix for everyone but I guess we have to wait for the administrator to approve my comment

    • Soularrw says:

      Can you email it or Post-it elsewhere. Curious because mines still messed up.

    • Courtland says:

      Hello, do you have a fix for my problem? If so can you please please share?

      • Everyone should calm down
        Expirenced ……. you need to hold volume up, home, power button until it goes to recovery. It may take more than a minute until your phone will force it’s way to the standard recovery . Wipe data ,wipe cashe then reboot. You have to make sure after u wipe to clear your cache . When u reboot to give it a second to start .if you don’t see the Samsung pop up in about 10 sec then immediately hold your power ,home, and volume down to get bootloader to refresh your s7 s6 ,edge was on originallyrics on . At this moment I know that the sprint s7 edge can be flashed with Odin to t-mobile , all ithe needs to work is the method I just gave all of you.most important to wipe cashe. You have to flash all parts of the phone starting with pit all posts the download links in my next comens. Hang in their guys . The path to setting your device is closers then you think . I have a method for all versions . Will post in a day . Got work

  12. edgardo says:

    i need big fixxx mi phone hace vodafone signal its att :'(((((

  13. jay says:

    Hey max, I have a tmobile s7 edge. I have did exactly what you did in the video but my super su would fail when i try to upgrade it. please someone help me

    • FriGiN says:

      Mine won’t upgrade either, still dont have SU and i paid for pro just to check to see if it would work. nothing.

  14. Zenobiaynadidiy Teagle says:

    Hey guys let me know where you want me to post this information so you guys can get your phone back in working condition.

    • Soularrw says:

      Add me on twitter @Hoops573 and ill add you and you can message me the info.

    • Soularrw says:

      How about Reddit or somewhere and share what to look up.

    • Chris Wilkinson says:

      I also would like the info @crw35

    • Latisha F Sneed says:

      Can you please send me any info you have on or tell me if i can unlock my tmoblie s7 to another service?I Normally love tmoblie moved to a new area and no service. Would love to unlock it so i could go to at&t or version so that i would actully have service that woukd pick up in my new area. I am a total noob at this so any helpful hints anything you can give would be very appreciated. The phone is sm-G930T please help….. I know heling total noobs sucks but i promise to pass on the favor to someone in need…thanks

  15. Zenobiaynadidiy Teagle says:

    Give me a few minutes I have to create a twitter account

  16. Zenobiaynadidiy Teagle says:

    For those of you that have a twitter account I just created one my username is @mszenobiayt please feel free to contact me on there if you need any help with anything.If you message me after 10 pm I will message you back in the morning or after I get off work.

  17. Swade says:

    Does this work for Galaxy S7 Edge US Sprint SM-G935P 6.0.1 Marshmallow?

  18. Daniel says:

    How to Unroot? i have SM-G930a (atyt version), … (I need the stock rom, lasted stock rom)

  19. C says:

    Hi Max!Several questions:
    1.Does this method work with SM-G9350?It’s a China’s version running an 820 SoC.

    2.The given file links seem invalid?U know China’s GFW…Could it be the reason?I’ve used the VPN yet still failed…

  20. Casey says:

    Will this root method work on a Galaxy S7 Active (AT&T) ?

  21. charles says:

    i need the g935a stcok rom i messed it up need it bad

  22. Courtland says:

    I am trying to root my AT&T S7 Edge it is almost there but when I run the commands it is not working all the way through. Also, anyone knows of an AT&T Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935A stock firmware? Our if there is anyone out there who has an AT&T S7 Edge and you had a successful root can you please share with me. You can answer back to this post and it will come to my email. Thank-you in advance.

  23. Zenobiaynadidiy Teagle says:

    @Courtland try unplugging and replugging the cable when it stops during command prompt. There is stock firmware for those of you that have Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 935A. Unfortunately the website does not allow me to share that on here so we would have to connect off this website for me to give anyone who needs it that information

  24. Brian iann says:

    max lee, or someone, please help me i’m in need of some major help,and i would really appreciate it i successfully rooted my s7 edge, (t mobile) using this method, then processed to do the last steps of the installation that make the phone run normal and smooth, then i remember i rooted a long time ago and i used and app called freedom, i installed it after rooting and i then tried to use the play store or any google play services and they all had network errors, so i had the apple jailbreak mentality and i said “hmm, ok ill just install the stork firmware” and i followed max lee’s video on how to do that and they my phone wouldnt turn on, they i decided to use odin to flash the rooted ap file and it finally turned on but my errors were the same and the play store wasnt even there anymore and now i am stuck with texts and calls working and the internet app works too but i have no updates or anything, all google play services are broken and all i really want to do is flash the stock firmware on my s7 edge without it not working

    ps. when i attempted to flash the stork os, odin and my phone were saying something about a binary issue, i really need help

  25. Zenobiaynadidiy Teagle says:

    @Brian if you have downloaded all 4 files for the stock firmware and you have placed all four files and you have pressed the start button and it’s having a binary issue try unchecking bp and start again and see if that works and let me know what happens.

  26. freethedroid says:

    Hey Max, I have sprint and my phone continues to loop through activating the phone. It activates, then a few minutes later it attempts to activate again. When it does activate it continues to turn on and go through the same process again. I performed the entire root process four times to ensure I followed every step.

  27. Sean says:

    You only have listed the stock boot for the S7Edge, do you have it for the regular S7 model?

  28. Edward W. Steffens Jr. says:

    I have a Verizon s7 edge and I have successfully rooted using this method(thank you all so much for the hard work BTW). My only issue is as soon as I root, the network mode option vanishes. Is anyone else having these symptoms?? It still works and switches automatically, but I would just rather do the switching myself.


  29. Drake says:

    I may need the the stock boot as well. Sprint Samsung S7. I’m getting the activation loop.

  30. Gabriel Manasseh says:

    I’m getting the same activation loop issue that I see a few people having here. Sprint S7 Edge (SM-G935P).

  31. Shoey says:

    Just a heads up… I checked the MD5 sums for the download files and here is what I got:





  32. Robert says:

    Does this provide CWM or twerp recovery?

  33. Harold says:

    Can’t download the files
    I try but keep seeing zip openers, and misc. Other stuff. Can someone just send me the files?

  34. JASON says:


  35. lex says:

    After having a successful root, I notice the phone gets incredibly hot after trying to install all the apps. So hot that it shuts down. Currently have the phone sitting on an ice pack. Will update after Ive gotten the trickster app to work

  36. dutch says:

    I had to wipe it because it was stuck in a boot loop.

  37. Kyle says:

    Im having problems with activation and boot on sprint s7 edge

  38. theTurk says:

    S7 Verizon here, root good no boot loops but having issue with text. Every other to no text messages are coming through. Tried multiple apps including stock. Any suggestions?

  39. alanspaceout says:

    For those having issues with activation loop on Sprint.
    Go through activation and wait until it says “Writing to device.” Keep trying until it does.
    Do not click Done. Hit the home button and use “Package Disabler” or “Titanium Backup Manager” to Freeze/Disable Samsung DM Phone Interface, Samsung DM Service, and SecurityLogAgent.
    Reboot your phone and activation should stick.

    • Ben Boone says:

      I tried this and pressing the home button doesnt do anything on that screen. I am having a horrible time trying to figure out how to get the phone back to stock as well. any help is much appreciated.

      • alanspaceout says:

        i had that to. What I had to do was to do was go back to recovery and do a factory reset. After rhat, try to get through the initial setup as fast as possible, skipping installation so you can do what you gotta do.
        I had no luck finding the stock firmware, but you can go to xda forums and look here.
        Home -> Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7 -> Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7 Guides, News, & Discussion -> SM-G930P Root by colormedroid

        I can’t link it on this site, but here’s where I got the fix. Good luck, don’t give up. Root is totally worth it.

      • Ben Boone says:

        I got it to stop prompting activation with this method but now, on sprint, none of my services work. Only wifi. Any idea how i can fix?

        • alanspaceout says:

          Everything worked for me after turning off the services and rebooting. You need to make sure it says weiting to device and then says it’s activated with your number.
          Otherwise I would reflash the eng. firmware and try again if you’re not hetting service.

  40. Carl says:

    Will you ever release a U.S. Cellular version? Really looking to root, and soon.

  41. jack says:

    is this working on sm-g935j

  42. ELYJAH EDMOND says:

    The root works guys but the thing about the cpu Do Not Do at all cause it will make you go into a bootloop with black screen if you mess with the kernal! But everything else works Just stay away from CPU and Kernal It doesnt lag for me! and I have galaxy S7 T-mobile

    • ELYJAH EDMOND says:

      I am also on latest update for T-mobile and root works still just don’t do KERNAL AND CPU CHANGE AND EVERYTHING WILL WORK FINE I REPEAT! Everything this guy has shown you works perfect just got to play around with it alittle and then the root kicks in!

      • Ben Boone says:

        Is there anyone else who cant use sprint services like text ir wifi after playin around to get root working? In the activation bootloop if i finish activation abd force close, i can get them to start wirking but my ohone reboots shortly after and i lose them again next boot

        • Elyjah says:

          On the wifi part if your loosing the password each time you restart it’s because you need to downlaod from play store build prop editor while you have root and i also recommend you use busybox first and install it to your /system/xbin you have to change the location to that then go into build prop and scroll down till you see then click it and below should say true change it to false after that you shouldn’t have anymore problems with wifi saving passwords anymore.

          • Ben Boone says:

            sorry i meant text or calling. I did apply that fix already. My wifi works but nothing else does.

      • JoelStars says:

        Greetings! Hey, can you share what you did? i have the tmobile S7 Edge, everything is fine, just one thing… its get overheating.. even i use kernel, even mark “on demand” “interactive” the phone gets so hot.

    • Amy says:

      Hi. I have an S7 T-Mobile and I’m stuck on the bootloop with black screen. Is there a way to fix this and get everything running again? Thanks.

  43. Devan S says:

    AMAZING. This worked great! I had no bootloot, nor any issues in CMD or installing any of the apps. Everything worked on the first shot. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  44. Martin says:

    Hi Max I am having trouble downloading files. When I click on “click here to download it just opens the same page on a new tab. When I click on the advertisement it just takes me to the product I don’t get a survey. Please help I definitely want to Root my Qualcomm Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Thanks

  45. Alfredo says:

    Hi. Thank you for everything . I have a question. Will this work on Metro PCS Galaxy S 7?
    And if so do I have to have a certain baseband version. My version is G930T1UVS3APD2.

    I keep hearing in videos that your baseband version should be PG1 AT THE END OF THE BASEBAND.

    Thanks so much.

    • Mandela effect is C.E.R.N.s fault says:

      Hey I believe as long as you have the Qualcomm s7 with snapdragon chipset you should be ok

  46. Bobo says:

    Hello , anyone , any ideas how to update SU Binary? Did the rooting with no problems , but still have no root , Super SU wants Su Binary to be updated . Tried a few times – no luck at all . Any ideas, please?
    Thank you very much in advance

  47. Emmanuel Marte says:

    someone please contact me if possible. something went wrong and i want to go back to stock rom. this is a emergency as i need my phone for work tomorrow. please help. my twitter is blazeu25 or contact me on facebook @ Emmanuel manny Marte. please help !

  48. Alfredo says:

    Good morning everyone.
    From Houston Texas here.
    I would like to confirm root method worked for my s7 from Metro PCS.
    Before I did anything I backed up my data with Smart Switch. You have to use the latest version of it.
    The root method worked on firmware g930t1uvs3apd2 the latest version of today.
    But you have to follow instructions on this video. I wish I can post a small video link in here with the administrations permission.
    Thank you seriously very much.

  49. Mandela effect is C.E.R.N.s fault says:

    Where the hell was this guide when I needed before I went with xda??? This is very informative. I’ve learned about how to fix the WiFi issue days later and the laggyness made me unroot and reroot a few times til I wanted to cheat on pokemon go then found out about setting the cpu governor. Now I’m great phone works like it did before root after trial and error

  50. Paul says:

    HeY max I root my s7 edge qualcomm everything went run great I just can not send or receive a text anyone have any ideas?

  51. Brett says:

    Root works great, but dont have any data, unless on wifi. I cant update the prl or profile, called sprint, they tried to refresh it, nothing, i can make calls and text, but have no data to do anything else. is anybody on sprint with this fully working?

  52. Brett says:

    I froze everything that they said to freeze with Titanium backup, did all the stuff with trickster, and weird, just no LTE sign popping up

  53. Martin says:

    Hi, now that we have our phones rooted are there any ROMS we can flash, and can we flash them with Flashfire? Cause I haven’t seen TWRP for Qualcomm. Thanks

  54. Kipp says:

    Verizon SM-G930V Stuck on verizon screen scrolling dots. Did this just brick my phone? Can I get it back to stock firmware? Any suggestions.

  55. AyyNounOhMoose says:

    You can install the 930U and 935U firmware onto the at&t models. You can still root with this method, benefits of doing this is that your at&t S7’s will be debloated.

  56. Jackson says:

    I have tried rooting Galaxy S7 edge (SM-G935J). When I complete Step 9. My phone has bootloop. and trying to factory reset, I have seen Set Warranty Bit Kernel.
    after downloading mode WARRANTY BIT is 0x1(knox triggered)…. why..? I have checked odin with PASS! Status.
    I used Modified ENG BOOT for Galaxy S7 Edge
    Modified ODIN
    Please help me.

  57. Feremist says:

    Rooted my s7 and everything went well, but having issues with the Trickster mod and a few of the other things that are downloaded post-root. Every time the phone is rebooted the trickster resets from Interactive to Performance, which causes a lot of lag. Also Titanium backup is not freezing the .support file (yes i have pro. I tap freeze and it loads for a bit, says its successful, and then just goes back to like it never happened.). Phone is also staying at a high temperature at all times. Anyone else having similar problems or has any solutions?

  58. Ben Boone says:

    Just a heads up for anyone that absolutey needs to go back to stock, i.e. services not working or completely bricked, try to find a samsung service center. It only takes yhem 15 monutes to flash the stock firmware and they do it for free. I had to drive an hour but good til a better root method comes along.

  59. James Kennedy says:

    Had root working fine for a few weeks… all of a sudden today my phone was having apps stop working periodically so I reset the phone and now its stuck in a boot loop, how can I fix? Any help is greatly appreciated, I’m stuck without a phone :O

    • Jonathan Romero says:

      That exact thing happened to me today and we’ll I had to do a factory reset through recovery so I’m going to read root

  60. Matthew Humcke says:

    Hey Max!

    My settings is crashing any time i try to Blutooth/USB tether or use Mobile Hotspot. They don’t work.

    Does this have anything to do with the fact I’m using a Metro PCS GSM SIM on a (rooted) Verizon S7 Edge?

    I successfully rooted my GSM-935V, but I had to re-root it because pressing some ‘Enable Security updates’ put my phone in a boot loop. It’s re-rooted now and working with hardware button shortcuts not working (Recents hold to enable split acreen view/Google Now On Tap/Home button twice to activate camera) nor Hotspot.

  61. Apollo316 says:

    My experience with rooting the S7 Edge sm-g935u:

    I am an avid rooter and find most phones very boring and less useful without root/jailbreak. I was very excited to find the root for the newest member of my phone family, the S7 Edge. The instructions above worked perfectly and note you may not need to fix the CPU but it does seem a factory reset is a must. Mine worked without the factory reset, but it was about 1 minute between each tap I made until I could finally install Trickster Mod to fix my CPU. This worked, and for several days I was enjoying my new root access. However, what I noticed was the phone got very warm, and battery life was about half what I used to get. I used to get 1% drain every 2 hours in my pocket and 1% drain every 10 minutes or so of use (mild use, video games dropped 1% every 3-5 minutes). I also like to keep my phone under my pillow while I sleep and while there are any number of health risks involved with doing that, let’s ignore that for now becuase here’s what I found out. My phone, before rooting, stayed cool if not mildly warm to the touch under my pillow (a closed environment with no a hot box effect). After rooting, let’s just say it’s downright dangerous to keep it under my pillow. It gets so hot while charging that I have a blister on my middle finger and thumb from the temperature it reached. I had to use my blanket to yank the charger and get it on a metal surface quickly to cool it down. It surprised me that the temperature lock didn’t kick in but then I found Trickster Mod disables it, which would have shut the phone down before it reached the temperature it did. Also note: Never put a hot phone in the freezer. The rapid temperature change can cause the glass to crack, and other damage from components changing shape as they cool quickly. You can put a warm phone in the freezer but keep in mind when you take it out to wrap it in a towel, because the cold phone meeting the warm air will cause condensation on the phone and possibly inside the phone, causing a mild water damage. YMMV. Just be warned.) After the temperature and battery drain issues came up, I tried SetCPU, and other CPU tweaks to keep the CPU status low and get my battery and temperature back, but they did not work. The phone idles hotter rooted than with no root. So I set to finding out why. The S7 Edge has liquid cooling in it. Many of the reports of the heat pipe being empty of water are garbage. Moreover, the heat pipe requires that the software of the phone and the pipe itself work together to cool the phone. I don’t know all the techno-jarble beyond that but what I’m left to assume is the boot.img and then-after the root must not be perfect, and as such breaks the heat pipe from working at all (besides the fact it’s still a metal heat sink at this point.) After exhausting all means of keeping my phone cool (battery life be damned) I was left with a sad decision; to unroot. I will avidly be watching for a more stable root, that hopefully accounts for the liquid cooling heat pipe in the S7, but until then I will go without root. For those of you who opt to keep root, I HIGHLY recommend Kernel Adiutor (no need to get the paid version unless you want to/are an expert) but it gives you control over all 4 CPU cores and other tweaks that did help my phone stay cooler than Trickster MOD. Set the CPU govoner to Interactive or Powersave, just avoid Performance. Set that on boot. And make sure the temperature lock is not turned off. The phone will still get warm with use, and warm to hot if charging OR in your pocket idling.

    If any of you want to unroot DO NOT use the method in this post. The boot.img is not correct for some phones and this caused not only a boot loop for me, but a boot loop right into recovery, where even a factory reset did nothing. The safe way to unroot is download Samsung Kies, put your phone in download mode, and use the Firmware Update function in Kies (not the emergency option, avoid that. It won’t let you do it anyway.) Kies downloads the latest firmware and restores the phone. This saved my phone so I can wait until a better root comes out, like King Root when it supports the S7. Note: Kies installs the latest firmware, which for the moment is 6.0.1 and can still be rooted later. But later on, when a newer version is released, it’s possible you’ll restore a version that can’t be rooted. Do your homework before using Kies and make sure you can still root with whatever software it will restore, otherwise look for an alternative method to fix/unroot your phone.

    I hope that this helps somebody and please don’t let this post be a deterrent from rooting. I love rooting, I just couldn’t weigh the pros of rooting against the cons of the temperature, slight lag, and battery life drop. The phone is still perfectly stable rooting, just know what you’re doing and make sure that temperature lock is on and you’ll be fine. 🙂

    Thanks to the admins for posting this tutorial, it’s the best I’ve seen and has pictures, so it keeps my attention 😉 You may want to remove the last part about unrooting though, or fix the link, because the boot.img is not the correct one. Thanks again for this great site and keeping this rooting community going!

    I welcome users to contact me if you have questions or anything. I can’t reply daily but I will as I can.

    • Alex says:

      I sincerely appreciate the effort you put into writing this post, it has answered all of my questions regarding this with complete and utter totality. I wish I could one-up this post.

    • eth0s says:

      Can you tell me which version of Kies you used? None of them show as compatible with my device. Same with Samsung Switch. :/ I’ve been rooting a long time and this one has been the most frustrating by far. I have the Sprint S7 Edge, btw. Thanks!

      • eth0s says:

        Well, I got around the not supported issue and tried to revert to stock with kies and smart switch. They both could find my model but said the serial number was wrong. I tried the meid hex and dec and all other numbers I could find on the box and in the settings. No luck. I’m trying “GUIDE: ROOT, install XPOSED, and UNROOT/returning to stock a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge” over at XDA now.

  62. Marwasaki says:

    Heya Max! Long time follower since the galaxys1. Rooting instructions worked identically well to your vid. 1 problem playstore won’t allow any purchases at all. You have the stocks7edgeboot.img up. Please add the stocks7boot.img. It’ll save time for everyone vs flashing the entire 4.5gig stock rom.

    • Marwasaki says:

      I read the wonderfully long experience above…noticed heat issues and battery life problems aswell….was almost frightened to charge my phone overnight for risk of fire…but as the device sleeps no heat issues…but battery life for a power user is cut to 1/3rd original.

  63. MANUEL BORBON says:

    i did everithyn and i got my sg7 root but when i try to connect my phone to my comp i cant make backup i cant transfer file from my pc to my phone when i plug my phone to my pc say chargin help me

  64. Cal says:

    I removed the security log agent via titanium backup
    and now I keep getting pop ups saying ‘unfortunately, has stopped’.
    Anyone know how to fix this issue?

  65. Just wanted to mention I got this to work using heimdall on Linux without Windows. It was really straight forward. I did this as root, except for downloading and unpacking, you can sudo it if you like.

    Install heimdall ( varies based on distro, I am on gentoo – emerge heidmall )
    Download all stuff above and unpack each all in a directory
    su root and cd to the directory with all the stuff downloaded and unpacked
    Power off phone and enter download mode as show in video
    Connect phone via micro USB, and make sure heimdall works ( heimdall print-pit – it will reboot phone just re-enter recovery)
    Then heimdall flash –BOOT boot.img
    From there you can just copy and paste the stuff in root.bat, or convert it to a shell script
    Your phone will reboot and it should be rooted, at least it was for me.

    Now I keep getting security notices wanting me to install knox, and saying to reboot. I have not restarted/rebooted via its button. I did power off and power on the phone and it was still rooted and fine. Also did a restart and was also fine. Not sure about restarting via button in security warning. I assume I will continue to get that warning. I installed a few root apps, supermanager, and terminal emulator. Both can su to root just fine. I removed some apps I do not want. May look to replace firmware but for now will just fly with rooted stock, long as I can use tinc vpn and other stuff I need.

    The main point is the phone was easily rooted via heimdall cli on Linux. I did not mess with its front end. I did not have any problems, so hopefully you do not if you attempt this via heimdall. If you do I am sorry, and cannot help you!

    • Latisha F Sneed says:

      Can someone please tel me if i can unlock my tmoblie s7 to another service I normally love tmoblie moved to a new area and no service would love to unlock it so i could go to at&t or verision so that i would actully have service that would pick up in my new area. Iam a total noob at this so any helpful hints anything you can give would be very appreciated. The phone is sm-G930T please help anyone…..

  66. Correction, only need to download modified boot and su, the other stuff is not needed when using heimdall.

  67. Every time I change to false it nukes my phone. I get the black screen, 3 vibrate loop. The phone is accessible via adb shell. I was tempted to unpack and copy over system. I ended up just using Odin3 to reflash system. heimdall can do 100% of system but fails at the end, secure check fail: system. About to be on my 3rd root now due to trying to get it to remember wifi, so annoying!

  68. Doug says:

    Hey Max, I dropped a goldfish into a bowl of pico de gallo and I’m very afraid that my 2nd born child named He-Mann is calling chid protective services. PLEASE HELP, I’m not sure if he knows how to use a phone and that can be real scary, especially for one that is moon-faced and half Vietnamese!! Just anything you can send to help me out would really calm things downstairs, a glide berry, hamster dough, or even just a plain old kick in my pants would reallly realllllllly help. I like how you do the you know what you do we all see and watch! thanks max- and please believe me that all the other cons on this comment board are just out to get your money!! they don’t have cell phones that are rooting or even sprouting for that matter! please don’t forget about me!

    -Doug, My name Doug


  69. Amin says:

    I tried this on both a G930P and G935P and it worked like a charm. Very clear instrunctions.
    Thank you!

    • austin starr says:

      you actually had success booting up after command prompt? if so, did you do anything different? or have any suggestions….

  70. Slippery says:

    Worked perfect. Not a single problem

  71. Joseph says:

    Now that root is possible can we somehow switch to Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 seeing as how Samsung only went with 2.0 on the S7?

  72. David Rodriguez says:

    any chance for custom recovery for the US model?

  73. Chappy says:

    I NEED HELP! My phone will NOT connect to Wifi and it shows im connected to my Mobile Network but when I try to login to google or playstore it says it cant be reached. Ive tried to do an UNROOT but it keeps failing. I can use Data and i cant connect to wifi. Ive tried everything Im not sure hiw ti fix this. I Flashed the TekxV2 rom and whenever i factory reset it takes me back to the same problem. Ive tried pushing supersu but didnt fix it. I says it wont mount. Im liking I might have partitions and its trying to use my SD Card but nothing works. I was seeing double og everything before my phone stopped working. I need help PLEASE so anyone know how to fix this.

  74. Clif says:

    I got my tmobile s7 rooted. SuperSU and busybox installed. Download twrp from app store and tried to install a custom ROM and keep getting a verity error. Anyone know how to get past this issue. I have root and titanium back up works

  75. Conrad says:

    worked for me for about a week…then started bootlooping…dont know why….had to wipe …phone is back to stock with knox untripped

    • Matt says:

      You have to disable security updates from the settings menu–
      Go to Settings, Lock Screen and Security, Other Security Settings, Security Policy Updates and turn all off.

  76. dan says:

    In command prompt, I get, “the system cannot find the path specified” when I type the command, cd fastboot. Any help with this would be great, thanks.

  77. richard knight says:

    hellp.. i flashed correctly, rebooted went to intall custom recovery now suddenly my sprint samsung galaxy s7 has a yellow triangle inbetween recovery booting and the actual recovery screen. an i cant do anything with wipe data/recovery reset. ive tried odin, heimdall coreectly odin gives several fails cache.img.ext4,system.img.ext4 ext. if for some reason when i flashed the stock firmware the repartition was checked how can i recover… or if ther is a way withpout sending my device in

  78. Josh Hunter says:

    How would i do this for linux

  79. CBAD says:

    So based on the comments – And I mean literally nearly every single one- It appears as though this write-up is either useless or a forsure way to turn a perfectly functional no existing problematic phone into a sure nightmarish brick and just reek havoc!

  80. charles b says:

    I see everyone has troubles more then success. here… I just want to activate the fm chip in the sm g935u that I have recently purchased. is this possible without rooting and does the fm chip really exist in these edges?

    • charles b says:

      ps.. the file for the edge 935x opens up as a disc image. so what do I use to write the image. or convert it to a tar?

  81. Jeff Raffensberger says:

    Just did this on my S7E and everything went flawless…thanks! Just a quick question…anyway of getting Samsung Pay to work with this?

  82. Joseph Hutchins says:

    How To Fix Lag After Root.

    I followed this post and flashed the two verizion zip files to get the lag to go away.

  83. eric says:

    for those on verizon and stuck in bootloop use the verizon software on your pc. put the phone in download mode connect it to your pc and open the verizon program hit the repair assistance button and wait.. back too stock!!!!

  84. HAROLD says:


  85. StarPro says:

    Anyone successful with Verizon galaxy S7?

  86. Heran says:

    Hey, My phone is messed up. It shows I have unlocked but none of the root check app shows that is real. And I can not use Google play, so many app crash during using. WTF!!! Would you please tell me what should I do now? I tried to unroot but the firmware dismatched, and I tried 10 more times to do the same thing and still doesn’t work.

  87. Tyler says:

    Real easy bought a phone today, read everywhere root was not possible couldnt find an updated comment a lot of it i was common sense following this guide, I was on the ph7 firmware, with oem unlocked i flashed pe1, nothing worked right services crashing left and right, obvious fix, factory reset, fix, then reboot into bootloader flash the modified boot then dont even let it load, go straight to recovery and factory reset, then get thorugh with beginning, remember remove sim card for now, then run root.bat and now you have root, now i am gonna install twrp next and get a new rom on this beech

  88. Michelle Maldonado says:

    Glad I read all the commentsalt before rooting my galaxy s7 edge…. no thanks I like my phone to work. Thanks

  89. Big Jack says:

    I rooted today, 12/20/16 on T-mobile S7 SM-930T. I noticed it was very laggy, battery life was crap, so I went back over the instructions to find that I had not checked the Kernel settings, and the CPU had reverted to performance instead of interactive. Once back in cpu interactive mode using TricksterMod, I still had some jittery display, but fixed that by going back into settings and choosing adaptive display. So far battery life is good, phone seems to be running smoothly. No heat issues yet, but I haven’t used it enough to know. Can’t wait to load a custom rom. When oh when is one going to be ready?

  90. Beau says:

    Hey i did the root method for sprint galaxy s7 and everything works fine but the network it says Samsung instead of sprint what do I do? Oh and I can’t use any of my data because of this.

  91. Ivan says:

    I rooted my phone but every Sunday my phone pops up a message saying “unfortunately, *app*, stopped working.” Then, if I restart my phone it gets stuck on the at&t logo and starts vibrating.

  92. luke says:

    does it change anything if the android security patch level is november 1, 2016 ?

  93. jimmy says:

    hi guys, if i root my device sucessfully, how do i do sim unlock to use it abroud?

  94. Cindy says:

    Hi everybody! I have the S7 Edge (AT&T), and after about a week apps start failing and upon reboot it goes into the loop and I have to wipe and reinstall. Is there anyone that has had this experience and if so any luck resolving it? Many thanks everybody! 🙂

  95. Isaac says:

    NO ONE SHOULD TRY THIS. There is a reason it Samsung prevents users of the Qualcomm Snapdragon LTE modem from rooting. This landed my Galaxy S7 in the Sprint store for a few days. After I ran it, my phone was stuck in a boot loop. After I factory reset it, it still was stuck in the loop. I attempted to re-flash the stock firmware, and it was blocked by the root package. I suppose that is why Samsung doesn’t like their users rooting their phones.

  96. mint says:

    i just rooted my sm930v without a hitch thanks to this although i do have 1 issue. i cant use private mode. any ideas on how i would fix this issue?

  97. Luis Fede says:

    make a s7 stock boot img, the one you post was just the s7 edge

  98. Jenn says:

    I was wondering if someone could help me I have a samsung s7 edge. sm G935A and I used the method here to root it and it worked fine for awhile then it got locked in a boot loop all of the sudden one day. So I wiped the hard drive and re did the root here. Now however I am not able to update the SuperSU binaries. I have tried all I know to try and I am really frustrated and at a loss here. Any help would be appreciated. I am not sure why it is doing this all of the sudden. Odin said it passed and I used ran root.bat file successfully the superSU is installed on my device but it just will not update the binaries!!

    • Justin Blackwell says:

      I just rooted mine today. I have the same problem as you.
      Also Titanium Backup says that it has not root access., Someone please help.Not to mention I’m getting a security notice. Unauthorized actions have been detected.

    • N8IVEWARE says:

      same here. installed fine but SU wont update binaries. ive read on other sites about custom SU being used and being warned about not updating it.
      but we are getting closer to a stable root. im excited.

  99. Robert Armani says:

    What I gather from all the posts my G935U (with Sprint) model is impossible to root. Am I correct?

    • Clorofila says:

      You can but the problem you run into is activating the service. It is something I am currently working on figuring it out. I got to work but I updated the phone and lost my root.

  100. maria says:

    im fairly new at this so my question is:
    my model number is is sm-g935p from sprint
    would i be able to do this since it wasnt on the models listed………

    • Clorofila says:

      You can but most likely you won’t be able to make it work. It is a very complicated method. If you have the latest firmware the root will work but you can’t activate your service. I will post on here if I get it to work in the near future.

  101. Sarfraz says:

    My (SM-G930P) root successfully But restart after every 15 seconds.

  102. Edward says:

    Just ran this on my S& Edge Sprint – phone is rebooting randomly. Has anyone found a fix for this?

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