Loud Sound MOD for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge! [King ROM]


I have been guilty of defying the law of physics and phone reviews by having a louder speaker on my Galaxy S7/S7 Edge by installing a loud sound MOD using the latest custom ROM called King ROM, which I have daily driven for almost 2 weeks now.

When I first installed the King ROM, I did not notice it right away but after using it with my Pandora and watching many YouTube videos at full blast, the sound MOD indeed made my Galaxy S7/S7 Edge much louder than most of my other 2016 flagship phones including the LG G5, Nexus 6P, and even HTC 10. ┬áThat’s when I realized that Samsung intentionally set the default sound low, a software setting that could be easily corrected with root and custom ROMs.

Now, the sound does get a bit distorted if you play music with a lot of bass but for the most part of watching YouTube videos and sound without much bass, the speakers now got super loud, nullifying one of its worst weaknesses on the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.

King ROM also supports both regular Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. ┬áSince it’s a ROM based on the Galaxy S7 Edge, if you install on a Galaxy S7, you will essentially convert it into an S7 Edge with full edge screen panels/settings.

There’s also ROM control to help you tweak various things such as your status bar, lockscreen, clock, enable auto call recording, and much more.

For installation, King ROM gives you full AROMA graphical installer where you can choose from 2 different kernels (or stock kernel) along with additional features like network signal tweaks, battery saving tweaks, camera quality tweaks, and much much more.

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2 Responses

  1. Tele says:

    Thanks Max – Another quality ROM and tutorial. I’ve run this with the VolTage kernel and had some shutdowns, but using the Superkernel, it has been very stable and fast too!

    Could you do a review on the ExyFire rom?

  2. edge 07 says:

    do any or the s7 roms allow you to use the hot spot? i have a sprint s7 and wanted to know if there were any roms that came with this feature thanks.

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