Bobcat ROM for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge!


Bobcat ROM is one of my favorite custom ROMs of all time, I started using this ROM back then with older Galaxy phones but now it is available for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge!

Based on Android 6.0.1 S7 Edge firmware, Bobcat ROM can be installed on S7 and S7 Edge.  For S7 users, this ROM will turn your phone into a full-fledged S7 Edge with Edge panels.

Now, this is the first version of Bobcat ROM (and I should have updates as it gets updated) but it still comes loaded with a ton of features and even free Bobcat themes (which I love).  For those of you worried about losing IMEI, this ROM will also “auto save” your EFS, saving you the trouble.

This ROM has private mode working out of the box, call recording(along with option to auto-record all incoming/outgoing calls), multi-window with support for all apps, 5-way reboot menu, SMS/MMS modes, and rounded recents/notifications. Its Bobcat ROM Control app will give you the ability to enable/disable network traffic, change battery icon through 3Minit, change clock using Potato clock, add gradient to your status bar, Home Gesture shortcuts, Air WakeUp, and much much more.

Performance is excellent as it uses Jesse kernel (but you can always change kernel to your favorite custom kernel) and battery life is excellent. For sound, you get loud sound mod (just like King ROM) along with Viper4Android and Dolby Atmos.

If you want some free Bobcat themes, use the Bobcat theme app to download the theme apk files, install them using a file manager app, and reboot.

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8 Responses

  1. Tim Lengert says:

    Just read your ROM articles and reviewed a few from XDA, such as RENOVATE, and was wondering what you would recommend? My goal is performance and will sacrifice battery for better performance. I don’t mind tweaking, testing, etc. settings but also want stability. I have never ran a S class and always followed your Note sites so any feedback would be appreciated!


  2. XDA-tfaletau says:

    Max – Thanks as usual for this quality review and tutorial – Installed onto my S7-G930F flat. This developer has some serious skills – The rom is excellent and super-stable!
    One question…Is there a way to get Edge Panel on my flat variant? I may be debloating it through Aroma…Are there specific files/modules I need to keep?

  3. Sherwin says:

    I have a Galaxy S5 which i converted to a Galaxy s7 by installing the Insanity Rom for the S7. Can i install this Bobcat rom on my phone and will it work for me?

  4. Frank Johnson says:

    Does Bobcat rom work on Qualcom processor?

  5. Martin says:

    Will this ROM work on Qualcomm. I saw a post from July is there no updating to this site. Didn’t mean to sound rude just asking?

  6. Manda says:

    is this rooting method working on sm-g935j(kddi) galaxy s7 edge?
    when i flashed GalaxyS7Edge/Samsung_G935x_QC_Rooted_BOOT.TAR with Modified Odin. Odin’s status shows PASS! but,my phone was gone to, when my phone reboot by bootloop i saw ‘Set Warranty Bit Kernel…’ and press home +power+vol – then shows custom os warning and go to downloading mode. then i saw Warranty Void: 0x1
    has anyone to solve this issues?
    Please Help me.. thx.

  7. HAIZER says:


  8. Miguel Kaimo says:

    i loaded this on my s7 edge g935fd and got stuck in a loop for 12+ hours…. brought it to my tech guy and he said its not compatible with my phone… re rooted and reinstalled 2x to no avail…. help me o mighty Mike!

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